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Going Places by Malaysia Airlines

Author Pico Iyer on how we can keep a sense of wonder in our day-to-day

“Sitting still is a way of falling in love with the world and everything in it,” reads a line in Pico Iyer’s book The Art of Stillness: Adventures of Going Nowhere. It’s a quote that feels especially timely today, as we come to terms with this change of pace, but it’s also one that might seem at odds for a globetrotting journalist and author whose writing has led him everywhere from the terrains of Tibet to North Korea. Much of Pico’s earlier work, after all, consisted of travel memoirs and port
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Going Places by Malaysia Airlines

Designer Fern Chua: “I want to bring the batik into the future”

Once seen as a traditional fabric worn by the older generation, batik has seen a revival in recent years, thanks to a new wave of designers modernising the art form. One of them is KL-based Fern Chua, the self-taught batik-maker and founder of womenswear label FERN. Known for her signature resort wear wraps and kaftans bearing contemporary prints, Fern first started dabbling in batik 10 years ago, as a way to rehabilitate her hand after a serious car accident. Falling in love with the art, she
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These 7 wellness trends will be big in 2021

In the wake of what has been a trying year, one of the biggest silver linings is the shift in conversation about wellness and mental health. Across the world, data has revealed that people are now devoting more time and attention to their mental and physical wellbeing, with the wellness industry projected to boom further in 2021. Perhaps the biggest trend is how we’re now looking at various ways to introduce spiritual, emotional and environmental wellness into our homes, which have more than ev
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Marie France Asia, women's magazine

Breaking Glass Ceilings: 5 Insights from Sue Kyung Lee, P&G Korea’s first female CEO

In Internet speak, Sue Kyung Lee is quite literally the epitome of #Goals. The South Korean-born shattered glass ceilings when she became the first female CEO in Procter & Gamble Korea’s 24-year history. Needless to say, this was no small feat, given South Korea’s patriarchal social fabric.
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